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Poster Art Contest Winners

And the Poster Art winners are… 

Judging this contest was just plain hard–so many great submissions to review but we have finally settled on the best. Our criteria was based on simplicity, clean lines, & the effectiveness/closeness to old school poster propaganda. We also took into account evergreen ability and the use of slogans rather than quotes. All of the posters submitted will be shared daily on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts over the next two months and the winners will get a shout out on the BitcoinNotBombs Instagram account, our Facebook group and AntiwarNews backup Twitter account. Follow along on all the above social media feeds for updates, future contests and giveaway details. is blessed to have so many talented artists as supporters of our work and of peace. We have been talking about turning some of the art from this contest into T-Shirts and posters for sale and for future giveaways. Sign up for the PeaceNow email list to be notified of the relaunch of our store!

1st place winner and recipient of a 5oz silver pyramid ingot and 50gram silver skull ingot from Roberts and Roberts Brokerage is Matt Haas. Follow Matt on Instagram and check out his portfolio site here.

Do With Less/ Military Industrial Complex
Do With Less/ Military Industrial Complex

2nd place winner and recipient of $100 worth of BitcoinCash from is Andrew Zehnder. Follow Andrew on Instagram and Twitter.

Why do the birds attack?
Why do the birds attack?

3rd place winner and recipient of $100 worth of BitcoinCash from is Willikin Wolf. Follow Willikin on Instagram and twitter.

The Fool Tarot Card
The Fool Tarot Card

4th place winner and recipient of $100 worth of BitcoinCash from is Chris Primosic.

End The Wars All of Them dove target
End The Wars All of Them dove target

5th place winners and recipient of 1 50gram silver skull ingots. From Roberts and Roberts Brokerage is Ivo Lovric.

No War, hole in the head
No War, hole in the head

6th place winners and recipient of 1 50gram silver skull ingots. From Roberts and Roberts Brokerage is Jeb Emerson. Follow Jeb on Instagram and twitter.

Loose Lips Might End Wars
Loose Lips Might End War

7th place winner and the recipient of a Make Art Not War T-Shirt from the PeaceNow shop is Druw Perez. Follow Druw on Instagram and Twitter.

No More War Fish/Bomb
No More War Fish/Bomb

8th place winner and the recipient of a Make Art Not War T-Shirt from the PeaceNow shop is Jeremiah Harding. Follow Jeremiah on Instagram and Twitter.

Don't be a Drone
Don’t be a Drone

We have 10 Honorable mentions who will receive an swag pack including an assortment of books, pens and stickers.

These were not easy to pick either but some were a no-brainer. First up Was Don Nash of Salt Lake City. While one image in particular caught our eye, Don never stopped submitting images during the duration of the contest. 27 in total and you can see all of them along with all the other posters on the entire post here. Don’s are stacked at the bottom and you can also check out his art portfolio site here.

Won, Don Nash

Honorable mention #2. Kitty, Simple, a great take on a classic image yet honest.

I want you to have democracy or ill kill you.

Honorable mention #3. While the image is interesting this one is a take on a well know quote from the late co-founder Justin Raimondo. Thank you Natalie Fawn Danelishen.

War is not Patriotic

Honorable mention #4 Niketas Paloyannides, “Some real future” The use of the clock is powerful. Time is something we here in the peace community think about a lot. We just might be running out.

Some real Future
Some real Future

Honorable mention #5. Josh Everson “That Shining Beacon”. Do you ever get the impression that the very money in your hand is directly responsible for war?

That Shining Beacon
That Shining Beacon

Honorable mention #6. Jan R. Weinberg “Fear Sells” And the media is perhaps even more responsible for the troubles of this world than the politicians.

Fear Sells
Fear Sells

Honorable mention #7. Edgar Cards :Bring the Troops home” Simplicity, that’s it, that’s what we want.

Bring The Troops Home
Bring The Troops Home

Honorable mention #8. David Timothy Holdsworth “Repent.” Very simple.


Honorable mention #9. Danny Hellman. “Two parties one agenda” We shied away from some of the images of the current president for evergreen ability but this one hits home what we have said for years, They are the same.

Two Parties One Agenda
Two Parties One Agenda

Honorable mention #10. Last but never least is long time Antiwar supporter, graphic designer and BitcoinNotBombs co-founder Davi Barker. “Stop Wars” Pop culture references are powerful and this one has a long history in libertarian circles. This image and slogan is what in many ways was the impatience for the creation of the Bitcoin Not Bombs logo.

Stop Wars
Stop Wars

Thank you to everyone who participated in our poster art contest and congratulations to the winners. View all of the entries here and feel free to download your favorites and share them as you like. Until next time, Peace!

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Poster Art Contest Entries

The Antiwar Poster art contest has ended with 24 amazing artists submitting 88 wonderful Antiwar posters. Have a look below and feel free to download your favorites to share with your friends on social media.

All entities will be shared on’s social media pages, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see them all. If you would like to follow as the winners are announced over the next few weeks follow our Backup Twitter account, Facebook group and BitcoinNotBombs on Instagram.

Jeremiah Harding. IG @insanityisfree & Twitter @insanityisfree

David Gomadza

Danny Hellman. IG @dannyhellmanillustration & Twitter @dannyhellman

krishnakant Vishwakarma

Willikin Wolf. IG: @WillikinWolf & Twitter @WillikinWolf

Collaboration between Jason and Marchella.

Twitter: @JasonBassler1 & @1Marchella

No War.
The First Casualty.
For Your Country.
Profits of War.
No War.

Ivo Lovric

Matt Haas. IG: & Portfolio Site

Chess with Iran
Die for Empire
Tank Collage
End the Fed / End the War
Hakim Jilani
Smedley Butler
Legacy of War
Stop Wars Collage

Davi Barker. IG: @muslimagorist & Twitter @MuslimAgorist

Loose Lips Might End Wars
I want you to be antiwar
Anti-war of the world unite

Jeb Emerson. Twitter @Locjeb

Natalie Fawn Danelishen. Twitter: @Chesschick01

Apocalypse now
Gunter grass
Merry Christmas Yemen
Monkey with a hand grenade
War is a racket

John Beverly Greene Wilson. Twitter @jbeverlygreene2

Andrew Zehnder. IG: @ludwigvonmisespieces & Tw: @LvMisesPieces

David Timothy Holdsworth.

IG: @davidtholdsworth & Twitter: @PeacefulContem1

Jan R. Weinberg. Twitter: @ShowUpAmerica

Kitty. Twitter: @AgoristKitty

Volker FRICK

Chris Primosic

Connor O’Keeffe. Twitter: @ConnorMOKeeffe


Josh Everson. Twitter @josheverson

Bring The Troops Home

Edgar Cards. IG: @edgarcards & Twitter @edgarcards

Niketas Paloyannides

Druw Perez. IG: @druwski_ & Twitter: @Madvillainy1


And last but defiantly not least is Don Nash of Salt Lake City. The most prolific contestant with 28 posters. Check out his portfolio site here.

Please feel free to download your favorite antiwar posters and share them on your own social media pages. We will be announcing the winners soon and you can be the first to know about the winners and future contests by subscribing to the PeaceNow newsletter.

Thank you all for participating in the Antiwar Poster Art Contest!

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This week marks the 23rd birthday for

Our birthday wish is to end the brutality and starvation that is happening in Yemen right now. It’s within our reach to make it happen if you do something for us right now-


S.J.Res54 will end U.S. support in the Saudi Arabian led war in Yemen, crucial to ending this humanitarian disaster for 14 million men, women and children.

Call now,  202-224-3121

S.J.Res54 is before the full senate now and will be voted on imminently, tell your senators to vote in support of S.J.Res54.

Currently U.S. involvement in Yemen is strictly on the authority of the President without the consent or oversight of Congress. We are not at war with Yemen, but we are aiding Saudi Arabia with intelligence, supplies, personnel, and a blockade that is starving millions of innocent children. 130 Yemeni Children die from war related causes each day.

Call your Senator now and tell them you are outraged by this brutal war and they must vote to support S.J.Res54.

It’s easy and will just a minute or two of your time.

Do not be intimidated by the telephone. Calling is more effective than emails or letters.

Find contact information for individual senators here (or call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.)

When someone answers the phone; “Good morning, I’m [your name.] I am calling to urge [Senator’s name] to support S.J.Res 54, to keep us out of further involvement in Yemen.” Keep calls short. Be polite.

Call now,  202-224-3121

Time is of the essence, the vote will happen this week and your senator needs to hear from you, the people they represent.

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Armistice Day, 100 years of perfecting war

As Jack Kenny pointed out earlier this week on, those from an older generation may remember that Veterans Day used to be called Armistice Day – the day the guns fell silent in war-torn Europe at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918.

Today should mark the 100th year anniversary of the end of the war to end all wars and yet we are currently at war (officially) with 7 countries. We even made it easier to flex U.S. military might with the Authorization for the Use of Military Force. Insta-war, just add President, no congress required.  While various actors in the peace community loudly and strongly oppose the current wars and occupations this country is involved in, it seems that the community as a whole has not yet figured out how to perfect peace, meanwhile the US military is doing such a good job of perfecting war. Here at, we have been asking this very question for a number of years now. How can we escalate peace in such a way that our leaders in D.C. can no longer ignore the millions of Americans who are war weary?

Over the years we have done our best to put a positive spin on pro peace activities and aimed to bring bright, loving color to the Anti-war message but sadly we feel we are only left with taking things to bit closer the the edgy truth: that war is grim and the job of a peace activists is not going to be an easy or bright and colorful one.

This Armistice day we hope you reflect and remember the millions of lives lost in the name of war but perhaps you might also think of ways to prevent the loss of any more lives for senseless occupations and military police actions. Little things, every day activism, can be a powerful drip in your circle of friends and influencers.

Imagine Peace. Show Peace. Be Peace.

Coming Soon, our brand new store front with all new shirt designs (like our 2018 World Tour shirt pictured below) plus tips and tools on how you can escalate peace just a little bit every day.

Don’t miss out.  Get notified when our store is online and ready for orders. Sign up here.

We have a lot more to share with you and hope you will join us in escalating peace.


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Sedition Art – Visual Contest

The Visual Arts received the largest number of submissions at 23.  From vintage style poster art to modern meme, the passion for peace has been revealed in these works. Peace activist Christina Babb will be judging this category and 5 winners will receive prizes.

VISUAL ART- original illustration, painting, collage, meme, photography, poster art

  • First Place prize; $300 in BitcoinCash (sponsored by
  • Second Place prize; 7.0 ZenCash (sponsored by and a Remember Peace tee shirt (sponsored by
  • Third Place prize; 1oz Silver Card plus Peace Now tee shirt (sponsored by Roberts and Roberts Brokerage Inc.
  • Runner Up prizes; visual and musical categories; Signed copy of Fool’s Errand (sponsored by Scott Horton and Coffee Mug (sponsored by
  • Honorable Mention prize; Tee shirt (sponsored by and custom antiwar button set (sponsored by

Enjoy these works of art and spread peace by sharing this post with your friends and family.


Heather Poppe


Davi Barker


Alex Sasha Toporovsky


Iyaniwura Adetunji Teslim


Matthew Silber


Bitcoin Rat


Petar Simić


Maciej “Matt” Harabasz


Bryan DeBris


Paul Hallaert


Tomaz Kure


Vincent Farrell


Shyam Mael


Michael Previs


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Why We Do What We Do

Every day readers send fan mail. You know we appreciate it. Invariably, someone will ask “how do you all do what you do.” That’s easy. With a shoe string budget, a core of loyal readers and a small group of people who have made it their mission to end the violence that is U.S. foreign policy.

A question I received from historian Thaddeus Russell on his Unregistered podcast is why I do what I do? I paused. I do it for Momina Bibi.

In the fall of 2012, Momina Bibi, a 67-year-old grandmother, was picking okra in her garden when she was annihilated by a US drone strike. Ms. Bibi was the only midwife in her remote region of Waziristan.

It’s not unusual that civilians are killed by drone strikes; It’s rare that we ever learn the names of the victims of drone strikes or if there were any victims at all.

Behind each “militant” killed is a story. The story of a living breathing human being just like you and me. Someone with hopes, dreams and a family who treasured them. Someone who was never a threat to the health or safety of any US citizen anywhere.

The Washington Post, one of the most esteemed newspapers of record in the world, tells me otherwise. These killer robots, like the one that tore Momina Bibi’s body to shreds, should be presented to the public as “‘lethal UAV operations.’ It also suggested “elevating the conversation” to more-abstract issues, such as the ‘Inherent Right of Self-Defense’ and ‘Pre-emptive and Preventive Military Action.’”

As my own elderly mother would say, “What a load of horse #$%^!”

Many of you have met me. I do not suffer fools gladly — and I have no tolerance for senseless violence. Please help me give the support I need to help Eric, Scott, Jason and Justin sift through the horse pucky. Donate today. Every donation will be matched.

And thank you for another year of service to the peace movement.
Best and holiday blessings to you and yours,


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1000 Faces of Peace

On Inauguration Day (January 20, 2017), debuted the PEACE NOW! photo mosaic made from the selfies of antiwar supporters. Hundreds of people sent in selfies or photos of their friends, families, children and pets with the message that we are against this continual state of war. Since the 50’s, U.S. foreign policy and the extensive use of executive orders and put us on a path of unending aggression and provocation abroad. The financial and human costs have been high with no return on the promise of security at home.

Peace Now!

2017 is the 50th anniversary of the largest war protests of the 60’s. This Year, plans a year long campaign for Peace Now. You can start now by adding yourself to the PEACE NOW mosaic. Just send us your selfie with a pro peace message along with the hashtag #WhyIamAntiwar. You can see the mosaic, with searchable photos here. To make taking your selfies easy, we have a downloadable sign than you can print out or- preview it on a phone or tablet and take your selfie with it that way. We also have facebooktwitter and google + social media covers you can download.

Email your pro peace selfies to

Support PEACE NOW! runs on contributions from supporters like you. If you find value in what we do, please show us some love by visiting our Shop or simply donate.

Donations are tax deductible.

Download our apps or subscribe to the rss feed to keep informed on what’s really happening around the world.

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Why I Am Antiwar

You’ve heard of chaos theory. You might know it as the butterfly effect– a hurricane in China is caused by a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico. A more rigorous way to express this is that small changes can lead to large results. Our lives are an ongoing demonstration of this principle.

This is the “perfect storm” to escalate peace

We live in an age where thought and ideas travel as fast as a tweet and an instagram. Change can be achieved because of a cell phone and a facebook account. What will the long term effects be if millions of people Instagram pro-peace messages? What will the cultural and ultimately political effects be if we imagine and share a vision of a world without war? is a resource site providing tools and activities to promote peace. From social media campaigns and contests to merchandise that shows where you stand and helps fund our journalism and news site. The days of large peaceful sit-ins are gone. Now we can Escalate Peace in a different way.

Peace begins with US

Today, take part in our current campaign, “I’m already Against the Next War”. Through our free Thunderclap, you can add your reach to hundreds of others and send a message to the President. Additionally, post a selfie with a pro peace message like our sign along with the hashtag #WhyIamAntiwar. That’s it- you are Escalating Peace. Post pics with your friends, flash some peace signs or hand color t-shirts with pro peace messages and make sure to use our hashtag #WhyIamAntiwar.

We also have facebooktwitter and google + social media covers you can download.
These small changes will have big effects when we each reach out to people we know and ask them to renounce violence in favor of peaceful alternatives. needs your help

Remember that runs on your support and contributions. If you find value in what we do to further awareness of the war machine and in providing tools on how you can advance the peace movement, please show us some love by buying a Poppy Pin or simply donate.

If you check in with us on any of our social media channels you’ll always know when we have another call to action you can participate in. Download our apps or subscribe to the rss feed to keep informed on what’s really happening around the world.

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Already Against The Next War

Failed Foreign Policy of War

War is a failed instrument of U.S. foreign policy; it is immoral and against the principle ideas of sovereignty and freedom. The U.S spends 38% of the total global military budget of 1.56 trillion dollars- 4 times higher than China and 11.5 times higher than Russia.(1) Yet the use of war fails to produce the desired change. The real product of war policy, in addition to human casualties and material destruction, is a growing hatred of the U.S. as aggressors, an entrenchment of the military industrial complex, the compiling of massive and unsustainable public debt, and a reduction of personal freedoms here at home.

Moreover, the use of aggressive, yet undeclared war by the United States has resulted in an undemocratic shift of power from the legislative branch to the executive branch of government. The Constitution provides that “The Congress shall have power … To declare War…” Over the last 50 years, the office of the President has exclusively, and almost continuously, initiated aggressive foreign action. We can expect any new President to continue this destructive policy line despite the fact that a majority of Americans favor less intervention in foreign affairs.(2)

Join Our Thunderclap

Peace needs a voice, your voice, to tell the President that violent aggression has to stop. Continuous warfare is not ethical, legal or sustainable.
The President needs to hear, “I’m Already Against The Next War”.

Pledge to our thunderclap to deliver this message on Armistice Day, November 11, 2016. Be a part of Peace and tweet #WhyIamAntiwar.

** For Facebook Users: the Facebook token that authorizes us to push the thunderclap message expires 60 days after you pledge. Due to our long lead time, you will have to repledge on or after September 13. If you add your email when you sign up, we will send a reminder to you to repledge at that time. Already signed up? NO problem, just visit, sign back in with your facebook and add your email on the profile page.

(1) the International Institute for Strategic Studies World Military Balance 2016 (for 2015)