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Already Against The Next War

Failed Foreign Policy of War

War is a failed instrument of U.S. foreign policy; it is immoral and against the principle ideas of sovereignty and freedom. The U.S spends 38% of the total global military budget of 1.56 trillion dollars- 4 times higher than China and 11.5 times higher than Russia.(1) Yet the use of war fails to produce the desired change. The real product of war policy, in addition to human casualties and material destruction, is a growing hatred of the U.S. as aggressors, an entrenchment of the military industrial complex, the compiling of massive and unsustainable public debt, and a reduction of personal freedoms here at home.

Moreover, the use of aggressive, yet undeclared war by the United States has resulted in an undemocratic shift of power from the legislative branch to the executive branch of government. The Constitution provides that “The Congress shall have power … To declare War…” Over the last 50 years, the office of the President has exclusively, and almost continuously, initiated aggressive foreign action. We can expect any new President to continue this destructive policy line despite the fact that a majority of Americans favor less intervention in foreign affairs.(2)

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Peace needs a voice, your voice, to tell the President that violent aggression has to stop. Continuous warfare is not ethical, legal or sustainable.
The President needs to hear, “I’m Already Against The Next War”.

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(1) the International Institute for Strategic Studies World Military Balance 2016 (for 2015)