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If you can imagine a culture that VALUES peace you can create the tools to affect it. What we hope to accomplish on is to imagine and offer socially engaging projects that encourage people to show that they value peace. By engaging more people to be actively pro peace instead of disinterested bystanders, we can unify and grow a voice and a movement to oppose the unchecked military industrial complex and U.S. War Policy.

War you have to try and justify. Peace you just have to believe in.
Imagine Peace. Show Peace. Be Peace.

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The New Antiwar Shop!

We’ve been redesigning our merch for the store, and are pleased to announce the addition of some fresh new peace gear for 2021! Support the critical work we do at by showing your Read more…

Antiwar Pro-Peace Slogan Giveaway

It’s another election year and that means listening to politicians spout catchy slogans encouraging voters to pick them as supreme ruler. is launching our own campaign using pro-peace slogans to counter the propaganda voters Read more…

Poster Art Contest Winners

The poster art contest was a huge success and we are blessed with so many talented graphic designers who support peace. Check out the contest winners.

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