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This week marks the 23rd birthday for

Our birthday wish is to end the brutality and starvation that is happening in Yemen right now. It’s within our reach to make it happen if you do something for us right now-


S.J.Res54 will end U.S. support in the Saudi Arabian led war in Yemen, crucial to ending this humanitarian disaster for 14 million men, women and children.

Call now,  202-224-3121

S.J.Res54 is before the full senate now and will be voted on imminently, tell your senators to vote in support of S.J.Res54.

Currently U.S. involvement in Yemen is strictly on the authority of the President without the consent or oversight of Congress. We are not at war with Yemen, but we are aiding Saudi Arabia with intelligence, supplies, personnel, and a blockade that is starving millions of innocent children. 130 Yemeni Children die from war related causes each day.

Call your Senator now and tell them you are outraged by this brutal war and they must vote to support S.J.Res54.

It’s easy and will just a minute or two of your time.

Do not be intimidated by the telephone. Calling is more effective than emails or letters.

Find contact information for individual senators here (or call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.)

When someone answers the phone; “Good morning, I’m [your name.] I am calling to urge [Senator’s name] to support S.J.Res 54, to keep us out of further involvement in Yemen.” Keep calls short. Be polite.

Call now,  202-224-3121

Time is of the essence, the vote will happen this week and your senator needs to hear from you, the people they represent.