We’ve been redesigning our merch for the Antiwar.me store, and are pleased to announce the addition of some fresh new peace gear for 2021! Support the critical work we do at Antiwar.com by showing your advocacy for a more peaceful world. 

In addition to shirts, tank tops, backpacks, and fanny packs we have a number of books for sale including Murray Rothbard’s Never a Dull Moment: A Libertarian Look at the Sixties edited by the late Justin Raimondo. Our bookstore is filled with notable works of nonfiction that make the case for peace through impassioned analysis of data and heart wrenching stories from victims of the U.S. empire around the world.

We would also like to thank our new partner, psychedelic rock band Beyond From Within, for adding to our offerings with 3 pro-peace shirts including: Peace Will Kill The War, Think Peace, and All You Need Is Peace, Peace Is All You Need

So fill your coffee mug, grab a book, and show off your new threads for peace. Tag us or send us a pic of you rocking your new gear and you just might end up on our social media pages.

We accept credit cards via Paypal, and a growing list of crypto currencies.

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