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Armistice Day 2017

War is Over (If you want it)

Remember this song? It’s a favorite here at Released in 1971 as a protest of the Vietnam War, Happy Xmas (War is Over) goes, “So this is Christmas, And what have you done?”… As we approach Armistice Day and many remember the fallen and their sacrifice, we want to ask, gently, is it enough to just remember? honors all veterans, but we hold closely to the idea that Armistice Day is the end of war and the beginning of peace.

Current events seem to be driving, or perhaps more accurately reflecting, a willingness on the part of policy makers to engage in war (whether or not they legally declare it) therefore, it is more crucial than ever to push back in civil protest. Every day, protests by reporting on and curating other news sources’ stories about war activity around the globe. We believe that an informed population is an important step to countering the unchecked Military Industrial Complex that is driving our foreign policy.’s journalism and outspoken editorial practice has come at a price of increased agency scrutiny and government harassment, which we fought back against and won. We take this as a sign we are doing something right. Even though we take this risk, we want to insulate our supporters by looking at how we might offer our donors greater privacy and anonymity.

Help Us Spread Peace

November 11, will be making an important announcement regarding donor privacy and anonymity. Please help us reach the widest possible audience by joining our thunderclap. Peace needs a voice, your voice, to take a stand against a snooping government that uses intimidation to silence the pro peace movement.

Pledge to our thunderclap to deliver this message on Armistice Day, November 11, 2017. And engage in a little civil protest by tweeting/ instagramming your pro peace message with the hashtag #WhyIamAntiwar and win a Peace Now! tee shirt or red poppy pin.

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Poppy Pins

Peace Requires Knowledge

The Washington bipartisan consensus for reckless and dangerous foreign policy requires constant vigilance. We can’t do it without your help. provides the most comprehensive news and opinions tracking the war party. Our original content coupled with links to breaking headlines keeps you abreast of the violent policies which endanger the principles upon which the United States was founded.

Wear a Poppy for Peace

We rely on our readers to help us keep the establishment’s feet to the fire. Support our effort. Show that you know peace matters. You can do that when you buy the limited edition Red Poppy Pin. The pin features the logo lapel pin nestled in the center of a handmade tissue and felt red poppy. Your purchase assures we stay on line. Wearing your pin gives another voice to peace.
Please contact for more information.