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Antiwar Pro-Peace Slogan Giveaway

Antiwar Pro-Peace Slogan Giveaway

It’s another election year and that means listening to politicians spout catchy slogans encouraging voters to pick them as supreme ruler. is launching our own campaign using pro-peace slogans to counter the propaganda voters are bombarded with this year. Supporters can submit their own pro-peace slogans over the next month for a chance to win merch. We’re looking for slogans with creativity, originality, & a positive, counter propaganda pro-peace message. No matter who wins this election, the empire will still reign, but at least we can poke fun at it & give away some prizes. is giving away 40 lapel pins, bumper stickers, & a copy of America’s War for the Greater Middle East by Andrew J. Bacevich to the best pro-peace slogans submitted on social media from 9/14 through 11/11. Five of the best slogans will also receive a copy of Scott Horton’s book Fool’s Errand. Here’s how to enter on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


To enter, tweet your best pro-peace slogan on twitter. Use the hashtag #PeaceSlogan and tag our secondary account @AntiwarNews


On Facebook, you can post the slogan directly to your personal profile page but to enter you either need to share that post with us in the Facebook group or post it directly to the group. Feel free to include the link to this blog post so others can learn about the giveaway and enter as well. Remember to include the hashtag #PeaceSlogan


If you are so graphically inclined and would like to also post your entry to Instagram as a graphic please tag our account and use the hashtag #PeaceSlogan. You can also just post a pro-peace image and include the slogan in the text area of the Instagram post.

Don’t use social media at all or have questions or problems? Email us at

Here are some examples we came up with to get you inspired:

Hey, hey Donald J, how many kids did you lock up today?

Better Peace Than Fleeced (Better Red Than Dead)

Peace, baby, Peace (Drill, baby, drill)

Make America Grateful Again

On November 15st, 40 of the best slogans will be chosen and you will be contacted to receive your prize. Don’t hold back but remember the slogan should resemble something that could be used in a peace campaign, not just insulting who’s in power.