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Sedition Art – Music Contest

We are thrilled with the participation in the Music portion of the Art of Sedition contest.  Ten entries will be judged by our friend and musician-activist Jordan Page. We think he has a really tough job ahead of him. Listen and pick out your favorite!

MUSICAL ART- original songs, jingles, hip hop, musical compositions.

  • First Place prize; $300 in BitcoinCash (sponsored by
  • Second Place prize; 7.0 ZenCash (sponsored by and a Remember Peace tee shirt (sponsored by
  • Third Place prize; 1oz Silver Card plus Peace Now tee shirt (sponsored by Roberts and Roberts Brokerage Inc.
  • Runner Up prize; Signed copy of Fool’s Errand (sponsored by Scott Horton and Coffee Mug (sponsored by
  • Honorable Mention prize; Tee shirt (sponsored by and custom antiwar button set (sponsored by

Enjoy the music and spread peace by sharing this post with your friends and family.


The Squatches, Only One Here.

Stuart Frobisher, Blank Panels.

Anaetoh Peter, No More War South Sudan.

Anaetoh Peter, Peace in south sudan.

Krishnakant Vishwakarma, KK.

Michael Maharrey, Hellfire Fury.

Bentley Kalaway, An Awakened World.

Bryan DeBris aka Bryan Poland, The Kid Shouted Out , I’ve Been Robbed.

Krishna Norgbedzie, We Can Do Better.

The Bitcoin Rat.