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    America’s War for the Greater Middle East

    A twenty-year army veteran who served in Vietnam, Andrew J. Bacevich brings the full weight of his expertise to this vitally important subject. America’s War for the Greater Middle East is a bracing after-action report from the front lines of history. It will fundamentally change the way we view America’s engagement in the world’s most volatile region.

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    Banksy Armored Dove Women’s Racerback Tank

    This all over print is adapted from a classic Banksy image and was an art entry in a past art contest run here on by peace activist Chris Primosic.

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    Big Israel: How Israel’s Lobby Moves America by Grant F. Smith

    “I thought I knew something about the Israeli lobby, but reading ‘Big Israel’ showed me I had only been scratching the surface. Grant Smith digs deep into the history and methods of one of the most powerful–and feared–lobbies in this country. At a time when foreign influence on American politics is a major preoccupation, this book throws a spotlight on …

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    Chaos & Caliphate: Jihadis and the West in the Struggle for the Middle East

    “Has anyone covered this nightmare [in the Greater Middle East] better than the world’s least embedded reporter, Patrick Cockburn? Not for my money. He’s had the canniest, clearest-eyed view of developments in the region for years.” —Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch

    “Quite simply, the best Western journalist at work in Iraq today.” —Seymour Hersh

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    Never a Dull Moment: A Libertarian Look at the Sixties

    Never a Dull Moment: A Libertarian Look at the Sixties. by Murray N Rothbard and edited by Justin Raimondo. For Murray Rothbard, libertarianism wasn’t an intellectual parlor game, nor was it a personal affectation: for him, it was a banner that was meant to be carried into battle.

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    The Impact of War

    The Impact of War is a book of essays compiled by The Committee for Responsible Foreign Policy and edited by George O’Neill, Jr. It features essays from luminaries in the antiwar movement including Scott Horton, Kelly Vlahos, the Honorable John Hostettler, Kristina Arriaga, Colonel Larry Wilkerson, and more. Each essay highlights a different cost of war and its effects on …

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    Tomorrow’s Battlefield US Secret Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa

    Tomorrow’s Battlefield US Secret Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa by Nick Turse

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    Why Peace by multiple authors and published by Marc Guttman

    Why Peace is about our aspirations to our own progression, to where peaceful and voluntary societal systems and associations replace the machinery of aggression and coercion. Only by interacting peacefully can we achieve a more harmonious, prosperous, healthy, fair and tolerant society. This book is an exploration of aggression, and of the evolutionary (and revolutionary) process to peace.