Imagine Peace

If you can imagine a culture that VALUES peace you can create the tools to affect it. What we hope to accomplish on is to imagine and offer socially engaging projects that encourage people to show that they value peace. By engaging more people to be actively pro peace instead of disinterested bystanders, we can unify and grow a voice and a movement to oppose the unchecked military indutstrial complex and U.S. War Policy.

War you have to try and justify. Peace you just have to believe in.

Imagine Peace. Show Peace. Be Peace.


Time for some Ping Pong Diplomacy

The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, may be the thaw in relations between North Korea and South Korea and perhaps even with the United States. Let's not miss the best chance for peace in the region. Use #PeaceNow for all your social media posts to help Ping Pong Diplomacy. To learn more, click the button.

Ping Pong Diplomacy


Crypto donors take it to the MAX!

Three months ago, we announced that Antiwar would begin accepting Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and ZCash in addition to Bitcoin. As part of that launch, we also announced a $20,000 crypto matching fund, generously provided by Roger Ver, CEO of We are happy to report that our drive exceeded our expectatons and we maxed out the matching fund! Thank you to every one who gave so generously! Join our facebook group for other ways you can help spread peace.

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